Travis Farncombe

Travis Farncombe

In no particular order, I am a designer, artist, athlete, photographer, tornado chaser and certified storm spotter with Canwarn and Skywarn, son, brother, uncle, friend and partner. In 2014 I completed my Master of Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and recently cofounded the design-development studio, Another Design Experiment. I live with my partner, Mike, and my pup, Buster, in Toronto, Ontario, about 2000 miles from Oklahoma City and the heart of Tornado Alley. Every spring and summer, I travel down there, to the American Midwest, to witness the most awe-inspiring weather on the planet.

The first time I chased was five years ago; I signed up as a guest with a storm chase tour company, and joined that group for a week on the plains. I saw my first tornado on that trip. It was a silhouette on a dark Kansas night, betrayed by strobes of lightning flickering in the distance. While the rest of the tour guides and group scanned the storm to the south, a lingering flash drew my glance to the north, and there, unmistakable, was a backlit cone. It was serendipity. I yelled cone tornado!, and a storm chaser was born.

After chasing for a few years as a guest with Silver Lining Tours, I gradually began to spread my wings and chase on my own, having learned enough from Roger Hill and other veterans to chase safely and responsibly. Now, I am a certified spotter and chase locally in Southern Ontario, as well as down in Tornado Alley, and am now a guide with Silver Lining Tours. I am always meeting new people, always learning, and always humbled by the power of nature.

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